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Our Mission

We simplify your business with custom, easy-to-use tech tools. Focusing on creating affordable cloud solutions, we’re here to streamline your operations, save time, and support your growth in the digital world.



Our journey begins with a conversation. We listen to understand your challenges and goals. Together, we brainstorm and discuss potential solutions, ensuring your unique needs are at the forefront of our thinking.


With ideas in hand, we delve into research. Our team investigates various options and strategies, considering the latest technology and best practices. This step ensures that the solutions we consider are not just innovative but also practical and effective for your specific situation.


Taking our research findings, we craft a detailed plan. This roadmap outlines the steps to achieve your goals, including timelines, resources, and milestones. It’s a comprehensive, clear, and feasible strategy designed to guide the project from concept to reality.


With a solid plan in place, we start building the solution. Our skilled team combines technical expertise with creativity to develop a solution that not only solves your problem but is also efficient and user-friendly. We keep you updated and involved throughout this process.

Manage & Maintain

Once the solution is built, our job isn’t over. We manage and maintain the system, ensuring it runs smoothly and continues to meet your needs. We’re here for ongoing support and adjustments, helping you adapt and grow in an ever-changing business landscape.

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Robert at Automate St Pete since 2019. His expertise was vital in transforming our e-commerce venture from its start to over 2 million annually in under two years. From designing a robust ERP system in Airtable to handling various Python tasks and developing our database and e-commerce platform, Robert has consistently demonstrated remarkable problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail. He’s a significant asset to any project, and I highly recommend him.

Ron Williams

Owner & Operator, 702Auctions.com

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